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Liquid Nitrogen and Nitrogen Gas Generators

We are Rutherford & Titan.

Industry Thought-Leaders for Safety in Cryogenics, Liquid Nitrogen & Gas Generators, & Implementation.

Client Testimonials

"Top notch! Nothing but honesty, integrity and a genuine concern for our best interests. From our first meeting I felt comfortable. Their overall knowledge is astounding. I wouldn't even consider anyone else now as we've found the best in the business!"

Randy, Rutherford & Titan client

"I truly appreciated as a business owner and customer is that they were honest in stating what needed to be replaced and saved me money versus selling me parts I did not need. RT is definitely going to bridge the gap for all cryo businesses needing a dependable service company who handles machine repairs and installations."

Jackie, Rutherford & Titan client

"They're helpful with industry insights during the planning stages, great at installation and for repairs as needed. A great resource for a business owner."

Colleen, Rutherford & Titan client

"I've only received the BEST service from Rutherford & Titan. Not only were they super quick in responding to my needs, they were also very professional and hands down the most knowledge about all cryogenic machines and service needs. I highly recommend anyone in the industry that is interested to contact RT. I'm very glad I was able to find a diamond in the rough."

Jamie, Rutherford & Titan client

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