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Amazing customer service! 

During COVID, Rutherford & Titan assisted me over FaceTime by guiding me through the process of purchasing and installing the replacement parts I needed. One thing I truly appreciated as a business owner and customer is that they were honest in stating what needed to be replaced and saved me money versus selling me parts I did not need. RT is definitely going to bridge the gap for all cryo businesses needing a dependable service company who handles machine repairs and installations.

They are the BEST! 

I’ve only received the BEST service from Rutherford & Titan. Not only were they super quick in responding to my needs, they were also very professional and hands down the most knowledgeable about all cryo machines and it’s service needs. I highly recommend anyone in the industry or anyone that is interested in cryotherapy to contact RT. I’m very glad I was able to find a diamond in the rough.

So helpful in setting up your cryo business! 

Very knowledgeable team and a great resource, especially as a first-time cryotherapy business owner. They are helpful with industry insights during the planning stages, great at installation, and for repairs as needed. This group is knowledgeable, resourceful, professional, and reliable.

Professional and Reliable! 

Rutherford has multiple projects for us and has never disappointed.

We are a team of cryotherapy experts who provide machine installations, cryo maintenance, & quality service nationwide.

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