Led by experts. Backed by science. Trusted by manufacturers.

Rutherford & Titan began with a team of cryogenic experts who wanted to close the gap between machine sales and machine repairs. Thus, the idea for this one-stop-shop for all cryotherapy services and support emerged. We are a team of cryo engineers and specialists who sell, install, maintain, and repair cryotherapy machines. We sell brand new and lightly used cryo whole-body and localized machines.

Unlike most cryo companies who simply sell machinery and leave the rest up to you, we provide quality products and support every step of the way. We also offer subscription service plans that grant you long-term savings and peace of mind. Our team of trusted cryo experts provide service across the U.S. with a combined 45 years of experience. Above all, we are proud to be leading in the industry by meeting all your cryo needs in one spot.

Our mission is to provide you with the best cryotherapy machines, maintenance, and materials nationwide. 

Cryotherapy Services

Our team of cryo experts work with various manufacturers, giving us a unique perspective on the market and useful insights around servicing all cryotherapy machines. We are here to help you navigate an often opaque landscape.

Machine Installations

We offer quick and clean white-glove installation service for both electric and nitrogen-based cryotherapy machines.

Cryogenic Consultations

Confused about the cryo industry? We’re here to guide you around any questions you may have regarding purchasing, maintenancing, or servicing cryotherapy machines.

Cryogenic Installations

We do custom piping installations across the U.S. Whether you need someone to pipe a tank or create a cryogenic structure for your nitrogen usage, we’ve got your business covered.

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