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All About Electric Cryotherapy Machines

All About Electric Cryotherapy Machines

As electric cryotherapy chambers become more popular, it is important to educate yourself around the topic before committing to a unit that in some cases is 50% of someone's equipment budget. For example if you are planning on spending about $200K on recovery or wellness equipment, you will need to prepare for yourself as electric cryotherapy chambers cost $100K+ as it currently stands. As that is a sizable portion of the budget it is not a decision you want to get wrong. 

There are multiple factors that have to be considered before purchasing an electric cryotherapy machine. In this blog, we take an in-depth look at the following topics: 

  • Space 
  • Electrical 
  • Water 
  • Noise 
  • Service 
  • Parts 
  • Piping

Space - This one is important for obvious reasons, once it is installed with some units it's almost impossible to move. In fact we would say with most of them once they are installed you cannot move them without changing the piping and affecting multiple other factors. So be clear about where you are planning to install the unit and engage the installation team ahead of time. 

Electrical - Whilst it is obvious not every premises can do 480 volts. Some commercial properties can only do 220 volts. For those commercial properties we have a great solution that you can check out on our sister website. Much cheaper than rewiring the whole building or getting the city to approve another line. Also cost is a clear factor so be sure to know your electrical costs per kilowatt hour at your site. This varies based on where you are located in the USA. 

Water - This is another factor. Some systems use water as part of their cooling process; that heat transfer can either be a closed loop system or an open ended system. Which means in certain States like California an open system would be a bad idea… as the cost of water is extremely high! Other than being poorly designed (Open loop system) it is a waste of water. Make sure you understand the options and requirements around that with your site. 

Noise - Not to be ignored, this is a factor as some systems can produce 60-80 decibels. Some compressors vibrate on the floor and you want to ensure that pads are in place to absorb that noise. Note these electrical boxes and compressors weigh in some circumstances between 800-1200 lbs. Hefty weight that produces noise. 

Service - This is an important part of any piece of heavy machinery. Whether that is preventive, or ad hoc it is the reality of all equipment. They will break down and when they do you want to ensure you have a team in place to back you up! It is never fun being down during business hours and customers do not appreciate it. None of the manufacturers compensate for that fact, it is important to know who can and will be prepared to fix your equipment. 

Parts - If you need service that means you will need parts also… No good diagnosing a machine that is broken and not having the part on hand. Whether that is on hand with the technician or shipped out within 24/48 hours. You need to know that they have parts in the USA and can handle national shipping. Be prepared that whatever is in your warranty will reflect your reality and therefore the invoice you will receive from the manufacturer. No one likes surprises so make sure you read that sales contract! 

Piping - Everyone does piping slightly differently. This is good and bad, some do it faster making the install faster. Some use open flames in your center, some use compression fittings or specialty fittings. Either way that piping route will go between the chiller, brain/electrical box/ and the unit. Mapping that route is important as sometimes it can be an eyesore. Planning ahead is important so make sure to contact Rutherford & Titan if you have any questions on the above. 

We are happy to talk to you about the various electrical machines in the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We have seen and experienced them all so we are objective in the market so think of us as your independent experts in the cryotherapy space.

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