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Best Practices For Maintaining Cryotherapy Machines

Best Practices For Maintaining Cryotherapy Machines

Congratulations on purchasing a cryotherapy machine! We truly love the industry and hope to see it continually grow. However, with the explosive growth comes a few trials and tribulations we’d like to help you avoid. After all, a cryotherapy machine is an asset. Whether you bought it used, are renting, or paid in full, you want it to last as long as possible. 

Given our experience in the industry and understanding the unique dynamics of these machines, here are three easy steps to follow when it comes to cryo up-keep:


Dehumidify the Room

Humidity is a huge problem for cryotherapy. Because the environment differs so greatly between States (think Arizona vs. Florida), you want to think through your set up beforehand. Ideally when building out your space, you’ll want to consider HVAC, temperature control, air flow, etc. If you are past the building stage, that’s when a trusty dehumidifier is needed. Dehumidifiers are an inexpensive solution compared to the unit you just purchased, and you will find that the unit runs better during treatments in a stabilized temperature. 


Run a Dry Cycle at the End of the Day

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be running a dry cycle at the end of each day. Following manufacturer specifications is key! Know that if you do not run a daily dry cycle when using the unit it may void your warranty and create unnecessary service issues. If you’re wondering how a manufacturer would even know? Trust us, they know. If you’ve ever seen a waterlogged unit, you know it’s not pretty. 


Towel Dry the Interior Fabric 

It may sound strange, but a quick towel dry before the dry cycle helps the interior fabric to last longer. The fabric in your cryo chamber is going to freeze, get wet, freeze again, and ultimately dry at the end of the day. By towel drying the fabric before the dry cycle, you will reduce water stains and any damp smell that can build overtime. 


Remember to ultimately follow the manufacturer’s specifications as every cryotherapy sauna/chamber is built differently. However, by following these three easy steps we guarantee that your cryo machine will hold up well and your business will thank you in the long run. 

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