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Product Feature: Our Specialists Take A Closer Look At °CRYO Arctic

Product Feature: Our Specialists Take A Closer Look At °CRYO Arctic

There are many nitrogen-based cryotherapy systems on the market. But only a handful offer true whole-body cryotherapy without ever exposing users to cryogenic gases, offering a safer experience.

In this product feature, we take a closer look at the °CRYO Arctic™ by °CRYO Science, one of the safest, most advanced cryotherapy solutions available today. We give a quick overview of the product, break down the key features and benefits, and help you determine whether investing in °CRYO Arctic™ is right for your business.

Overview: The °CRYO Arctic™ by °CRYO Science

Developed by °CRYO Science, a global leader in high-end cryotherapy solutions, the °CRYO Arctic™ is among the few nitrogen-based systems designed to ensure that users never come into direct contact with gases (which can be dangerous, if inhaled). While many cryotherapy machines use liquid nitrogen, °CRYO Arctic™ does not directly expose users to any gases. (Another good example is the CryoPod™ system.)

Instead, users can feel comfortable, confident and safe as they step into the chamber and enjoy clean, breathable air. (As well as some tunes. The °CRYO Arctic™ has a built-in Premium Sound-System, so users can chill out while listening to a favorite song. The system is designed so that users can still easily communicate with the operator as music plays.)

°CRYO Arctic™: Key Features & Benefits

  • Next-Level Safety. This is the main selling point of the °CRYO Arctic™ system. And, as a cryotherapy business, it’s the most important feature to market to your customers. Unlike most nitrogen-based cryotherapy solutions, the °CRYO Arctic™ exposes users to zero nitrogen gas—only breathable air. With °CRYO Arctic™, your business can offer a safer experience to customers, so you can stand apart from competitors and potentially offer your service at a higher price point.
  • Smarter Technology for Better Performance. In addition to its key safety feature, the °CRYO Arctic™ uses advanced technology to offer a smooth experience for operators and customers alike. The system features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing for remote technical assistance and data capture. It also uses an advanced monitoring system to ensure consistent temperatures (as low as -140°C / -220°F) throughout the experience. All models are equipped with a touch screen, user display, sound system and adjustable windows.
  • True Whole-Body Cryotherapy. Many systems on the market claim to offer whole-body cryotherapy. In reality, most only offer cryotherapy from the shoulders down. With nothing but clean, breathable air inside the chamber, the °CRYO Arctic™ can safely provide cryotherapy for the user’s entire body. (However, the windows can be adjusted to alternate between full-body and partial treatment.)
  • Luxurious Experience. We’ve already discussed the safety features and leading-edge technology, but equally important to customers is how the system feels. This is another point where the °CRYO Arctic excels. Stepping into the chamber, customers feel like they’ve entered a high-end experience. The spacious interior, the stainless-steel frame and sleek fiberglass shell, the conveniently low doorstep, the unique sound system and the adjustable windows—it all comes together to create a high-end experience that stands apart from other systems. This may sound less important than the functional features. However, from a business perspective, it’s important that you provide customers with a unique experience that keeps them coming back for more.

How °CRYO Arctic™ Gives Your Business an Edge

There is no doubt that the cryotherapy market is heating up. Across the nation, businesses in a wide range of industries—wellness facilities, beauty spas, chiropractic offices and athletic recovery centers—are investing in cryotherapy systems. You can practically find one on every corner. Meanwhile, celebrity athletes and beauty influencers are leading a new generation of customers to cryotherapy. And the industry is only getting more competitive, as financial analysts expect the global cryotherapy market to grow year-over-year through the following decade.  

In such a competitive market, it’s important that you differentiate your business. The best way to do that is to offer an experience that no one else can beat. With the °CRYO Arctic™, your business will offer one of the safest, most advanced whole-body cryotherapy treatments on the market. If you market this advantage, customers who want the best will come to your business—and keep coming back.

Is °CRYO Arctic™ Right for Your Business?

As we outlined above, the °CRYO Arctic™ system allows you to deliver an outstanding cryotherapy experience. In turn, you’ll have an edge over your competitors and benefit from repeat bookings and increased profits.

But that’s not to suggest this system is right for every business. We recommend °CRYO Arctic™ to businesses only if:

  • You need a whole-body system. While whole-body cryotherapy can be used to enhance athletic performance, reduce recovery time and treat a variety of conditions, some businesses use localized cryotherapy. In localized cryotherapy, operators apply sub-zero temperatures to specific areas using a contouring device, providing non-invasive sessions for slimming, cellulite reduction and toning. For localized treatment, take a look at the Mecotec  - Cryo Air Mini.
  • You can afford the initial investment. The °CRYO Arctic™ is the safest, most advanced machine of its kind. It also costs more than some of the other nitrogen-based systems on the market. However, for many businesses, the investment is worth it, as it allows them to offer a superior experience in a competitive market.
  • Your customers can afford a higher price-point. With an initial investment that’s higher than many other nitrogen-based machines—plus the superior experience—businesses often charge customers a higher price-point to use the machine. Before investing in the °CRYO Arctic™, consider whether you need to adjust your price point and whether your customers are willing to pay it. (Another tip: If you do offer your services at a higher price point than nearby competitors, be sure to market the unparalleled safety advantages and superior experience offered by your °CRYO Arctic™.)
  • You have room for it. The °CRYO Arctic™ system is 106in x 95in x 102in. Before purchasing, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough space at your facility. In addition, the manufacturer recommends installing the system on a waterproof floor, with a loading capacity of at least 500 kg/m2 (1100 lbs).

Site Planning, Installation, Maintenance: How We Can Help

Purchasing a cryotherapy system is a major investment, and we understand that it can be a daunting, often-confusing process for businesses. That’s where we come in.

Rutherford & Titan provides peace of mind and expertise. We help you make the most of your investment with a comprehensive service solution, including: cryo business consultations, site planning, equipment installation, exhaust & piping installation and ongoing maintenance. From the selection and purchase of your system to the day-to-day operation, we ensure that everything goes smoothly—so you can focus on running your business.

To date, Rutherford & Titan’s cryo specialists have installed more than 400+ systems (with more than 85+ custom pipe installs). We offer three levels of support packages, so you can pick the option that works for you. Our team has a reputation as a creative, accessible, flexible and understanding partner for our clients. And, since we aren’t beholden to any manufacturer, we only recommend the optimal solution for your business.

Considering a cryo investment? Reach out to Rutherford & Titan for a free consultation.

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