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Product Feature: The CRYO-T® Elephant uses lasers, sensors to optimize treatment.

Product Feature: The CRYO-T® Elephant uses lasers, sensors to optimize treatment.

Localized (or ‘local’) cryotherapy is a powerful and popular treatment used widely in the health/wellness, beauty and sports medicine industries. The therapy has been used to treat a variety of conditions, from wrinkles and cellulite to muscle pain and inflammation.

It sounds complicated, but the idea is surprisingly simple: Practitioners use a device that generates a concentrated stream of cold air—often by using liquid nitrogen—and apply it to the patient’s skin. The cold air stimulates cells deep within the skin and has been known to rejuvenate and repair these cells. Depending on the desired treatment, the temperature and duration of the application varies.

If you’re considering bringing localized cryotherapy to your practice, you’ll want to do your homework and make sure you get the right machine. Cryotherapy devices vary widely—from size and cost, to safety features and power sources—and, with dozens of machines available, finding the right one for your practice can be difficult.

To make your decision a little easier, our independent team of cryogenic experts is taking a closer look at the most popular machines on the market.

Today, we’re featuring the CRYO-T® Elephant, a powerful device that integrates several unique safety features and thoughtful, operator-friendly design elements.

Scroll down to read through our feature and be sure to check out our other product features, where we analyze a wide variety of cryochamber, cryosaunas, localized devices and other machines for your industry.

When you’re ready to learn more about purchasing, installing and maintaining a cryotherapy device, contact our team for a free consultation.

Overview: The CRYO-T® Elephant

The CRYO-T® Elephant is a nitrogen-powered device for localized cryotherapy and cryostimulation, popular treatments in the health, beauty and sports medicine industries. With the Elephant, safety comes first: Sensors monitor the temperature of the patient’s skin, lowering the risk of frostbite, while laser pointers help the operator maintain an ideal position. The device also emphasizes operator comfort, with an ergonomic handle; a large, easy-to-read LCD screen; and a cryogenic pipe that’s specially insulated to keep the exterior warm.

Key Features

  • Reaches temperatures between -166F and -277F
  • Nitrogen-powered
  • Adjustable therapy (5 levels of intensity)
  • Sensor monitors temperature of patient’s skin
  • Laser pointers measure distance between device and patient’s skin
  • Begin administering treatment as soon as you turn on the device (desired temperature is reached within one minute)
  • Energy-efficient
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Flexible, insulated cryogenic pipe
  • Large LCD screen

What We Like about the Impact Cryotherapy Sauna

The safety/optimization systems. One of the biggest challenges of administering localized cryotherapy is ensuring that you’re close enough to the patient’s skin to deliver an effective treatment, but not so close that you could cause damage. While cryotherapy is generally safe—and is definitely safe with the right device and responsible practices—there is a risk in localized therapy of overcooling the patient’s skin and causing frostbite.

The CRYO-T® Elephant’s response to this inherent safety risk is twofold. First, there’s the built-in temperature reader, which monitors the temperature of the patient’s skin in real time, in the treatment area. As you administer the cold-air treatment, you have peace of mind knowing that your patient’s skin is maintaining a safe temperature.

In addition, the Elephant has a pair of laser pointers that continuously measure the distance between the device and the surface of the patient’s skin. If you get too close, the device will alert you, helping you maintain an optimal position throughout the treatment.

The operator-friendly features. Many cryotherapy devices have features designed to benefit your clients, but what about your staff, the people who are using these products every day? Fortunately, the CRYO-T® Elephant comes equipped with several user-friendly features. In addition to the safety features mentioned above, which make it easier to administer optimal treatment, the device features an ergonomic handle—an important touch for anyone using these devices throughout the day—as well as a flexible, insulated cryogenic pipe that makes it easy for users to get in the optimal position, and a large LCD screen that’s easy to read. The device also has five pre-set levels of intensity, so you can make on-the-go adjustments depending on the patient’s needs.

It’s powerful, yet efficient. Capable of reaching temps as low as -277F, the CRYO-T® Elephant is certainly on the colder end of localized cryotherapy devices. That’s good for your clients, as certain treatments require colder temperatures. Also, the manufacturer claims that the device is extremely energy-efficient, so you won’t have to break the bank covering energy costs.

A Few Things to Consider

Got nitrogen? Many cryotherapy devices, including the CRYO-T® Elephant, require nitrogen to generate supercooled air. That means you’ll need a reliable, affordable supply of nitrogen—either through a partnership with a vendor or by producing your own supply. We can help. Our network of professionals has connections with nitrogen vendors across the U.S., and we can help you broker a great deal with a supplier in your area. Or, if you’re interested in producing your own LN, you should consider investing in your own nitrogen generator.

Always look at all your options. As you can tell from this feature, our engineers believe that the CRYO-T® Elephant is an excellent localized cryotherapy machine, and we would recommend it to many businesses in the health, beauty and athletic recovery industries. With that said, there are a huge number of machines on the market: many brands, many devices, each with its own features, benefits, cost, capabilities, dimensions and other specs. There is no one-device-fits-all in the cryotherapy world, so you should work with an independent expert to review all your options and find the machine that’s best for you and your unique needs.

Before You Buy

Investing in a cryogenic device is a major decision. We’ll help you get it right.

Our independent team has decades of experience in cryogenics and a network of specialized technicians & consultants across the country. Whether you’re new to the industry or growing your business, we can help you select the right machine for your needs and handle site-planning, installation, maintenance and more. As your partner, we help you maximize your ROI, reduce your overhead and make smart decisions along your journey.

Connect with our team today.

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