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Product Feature: The Hybrid CRYOPOD™ is Supercool & Super-safe

Product Feature: The Hybrid CRYOPOD™ is Supercool & Super-safe

If you’re in the market for a cryotherapy machine, you’ve probably noticed that these devices typically come in two categories: all-electric or nitrogen-based. Using liquid nitrogen, the nitrogen-based models are often capable of reaching cooler temperatures than their all-electric counterparts. However, all-electric machines—which are usually enclosed chambers, rather than saunas—never expose users to nitrogen vapors, which means that users can get a true whole-body cryotherapy experience, including their face, without worrying about LN. All-electric machines are generally considered safer, while nitrogen-based models are usually more powerful.

But what if you didn’t have to sacrifice safety for power, or vice versa?

Today, our team of cryogenic experts is taking a closer look at a hybrid machine that combines the advantages of all-electric and nitrogen-based machines: The CRYOPOD™. In this short feature, we break down the product’s key features, benefits and drawbacks, helping you make an informed decision before you invest.

When you’re ready to learn more about purchasing, installing and maintaining a cryotherapy device, contact our team for a free consultation.

Overview: The CRYOPOD™

Developed by leading engineers from the UK’s nuclear & sub-sea industries, the CRYOPOD™ is one of the few “hybrid” cryo machines that uses supercooled air to deliver a truly whole-body cryotherapy experience—without ever exposing the user to nitrogen vapor. The single-person chamber delivers low temperatures on-par with the most powerful nitrogen-based systems. Plus, it comes fully equipped with a number of high-tech features to enhance the user experience.

Key Features

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 38.2in x 61.5in x 78in
  • Single-person chamber
  • Power Supply: 120v
  • Air-cooled pod: Users are never directly exposed to liquid nitrogen vapor
  • True whole-body cryotherapy (including face)
  • Carbon-fiber panels & hand-fitted interior upholstery
  • User-friendly touch-screen controls
  • In-pod display monitor, presenting real-time biometric data
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Adjustable window, low step entry
  • Equipped with data monitoring, logging & profiling software
  • Supported by Rutherford & Titan’s national network of cryogenic engineers

What We Like about the CRYOPOD™

The unique power and safety. Few machines on the market can compete with the CRYOPOD™ in terms of both power and safety. This machine gets about as cold as any purely LN-based machine—and, since it never exposes users to nitrogen vapor, it’s just as safe as an all-electric model. It also includes additional safety features, like swipe-card access, to protect clients and staff.

For many of our clients, choosing between an all-electric or purely nitrogen-based machine is tough: Do you want more power or more safety? (The answer is almost always ‘both,’ of course.) This product may be a good choice for clients who want the best of both worlds.

The accessibility. We think cryotherapy should be available to every person of every body-type. While some machines are only designed for athletes or individuals of certain body types, the CRYOPOD™ is designed to ensure that everyone can be comfortable in the chamber. There is a low step-entry to access the chamber, and the window can be adjusted according to the client’s height. Plus, since this is a chamber rather than a sauna, there’s no need for an electric lift to account for height.

The client experience. Whether your client is a professional athlete recovering from a tough training session or an individual who’s investing in some much-needed self-care, cryotherapy can have a number of benefits for a person’s health, beauty and wellness. It’s also just a relaxing, fun and rejuvenating experience, and the CRYOPOD™ has a number of features that enhance that experience.

While the patient enjoys their cryotherapy, LCD monitors inside the cabin display the current temperature and time elapsed, as well as individualized biometric data. High-quality, hand-fitted upholstery and composite carbon-fiber panels—cut by pressurized water—give the machine a high-end feel, while built-in software stores your clients’ biometric data, which can be accessed remotely. This is a machine that looks and feels state-of-the-art, adding a futuristic aesthetic touch to your facility.

A Few Things to Consider

Footprint & budget. Before purchasing any machine, you want to make sure it will fit inside your facility and your budget. Better yet, have an expert take a look at it for you. The specialized engineers and consultants of Rutherford & Titan can help you select the right machine and handle site-planning, while ensuring you get the best possible deal.

Nitrogen supply. While the CRYOPOD™ never exposes users to LN vapors, it needs nitrogen to function. Depending on your needs, our consultants can help you secure a great deal with a local vendor or help you produce your OWN supply using a nitrogen generator. Learn more about nitrogen generators here.

Before You Buy

As the official U.S. partner of CRYOPOD™, Rutherford & Titan’s network of cryogenic engineers is a one-stop-shop for all your cryotherapy services and machine repairs. We handle everything from piping and installation to ongoing support and nitrogen brokerage. As your partner, we help you maximize your ROI, reduce your overhead and make smart decisions along your journey.

Connect with our team today.

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