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Understanding Your Liquid Nitrogen Costs: Cryotherapy

Understanding Your Liquid Nitrogen Costs: Cryotherapy

Liquid nitrogen is a gas that has many different uses, including cryotherapy chambers. Understanding nitrogen costs for cryotherapy chambers is an important decision to make when deciding what nitrogen system will work best for your business. So how can you know what you may spend on liquid nitrogen per month?

Volume - Start with your expected volume. What do we mean by volume?  Volume is the number of sessions you will run each day/week/month for your retail center. In other words the customer traffic you expect to have over a given period. Without trying to determine and model out those numbers it is hard for you to get an accurate projection in terms of costs.

Consumption - This will lead towards the consumption of each unit... Every single unit has a different consumption, some are more efficient than others and frankly everyone always says "theirs is the most efficient system on the market..." Sounds familiar? We all know that is not the case, everyone has a different efficiency level  and nitrogen usage.

You could be well versed in nitrogen but that does not mean you know every single system on the market, let alone how they all work and what their nitrogen consumption is... You will need to do some research before coming up with an accurate estimate of your nitrogen costs for cryotherapy chambers or saunas.

Cost Factors - If you are looking for guidance around this we have real data combined with years of experience. Not just in terms of which units are efficient, but we also broker nitrogen across the US for customers. Nitrogen can be expensive if you do not know what you are doing and often has a range of variables with tank rentals and various fees. Aside from nitrogen costs, there are other costs to consider as well that should not be forgotten when considering the purchase of a cryotherapy chamber or sauna.

Reach out to Rutherford & Titan today for real advice gleaned from decades in the industry!

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