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Press Release Rutherford Titan and Mecotec

Mecotec US Selects Rutherford & Titan To Be Their US Service Partner

HOUSTON, TX, February 3, 2021 – Rutherford & Titan and MECOTEC US have announced a strategic partnership, combining Rutherford’s industry-leading servicing with MECOTEC’s highly demanded cryogenic technology. Under the partnership, Rutherford & Titan is the only company designated to service and install MECOTEC’s machines in North America.

MECOTEC, the global leader in electric whole-body cryotherapy since 1991 with subsidiaries in five continents, and Kater Heine, South Carolina based entrepreneur launched MECOTEC US in 2019. Since then, demand has continued to increase. The Rutherford-MECOTEC partnership leverages Rutherford’s expansive network of cryogenic technicians across North America to provide comprehensive servicing for MECOTEC’s growing portfolio.

“With this exciting new collaboration, MECOTEC producing some of the world’s most innovative electric cryotherapy devices—while we ensure that their clients get the service they deserve,” said Amir Amirsadeghi, CEO of Rutherford & Titan.

“With deep engineering expertise and customer-service skills, Rutherford has a proven track-record of delivering exceptional service. Our vast network of technicians means that we can serve MECOTEC clients across North America, on-site and remotely.”

“As we continue growing in North America, we want to ensure that our clients continue to receive the outstanding service that has helped make MECOTEC a global leader,” said Kater Heine, CEO and Co-owner of Mecotec US.

Under the new partnership, Rutherford & Titan helps Mecotec US to provide a wide range of services for MECOTEC’s North American clients, including installation, site planning, remote servicing and on-site technical support.


About Rutherford & Titan

The largest cryotherapy servicing company in the U.S., Rutherford & Titan is a specialized network of cryogenic engineers and consultants. The team has deep experience in the cryotherapy industry, as well as strategic relationships with key industry partners, allowing Rutherford to provide unbiased guidance and unique opportunities that help clients thrive. Their technicians serve clients on-site and remotely across North America. Learn more at


With more than 500 cryochambers sold worldwide, MECOTEC is a global leader in electric whole-body cryotherapy. The company produces a variety of innovative freezing technologies, including single-room and multi-room cryochambers, as well as localized cryotherapy devices. In partnership with a network of service providers, MECOTEC offers comprehensive support for their machines. Learn more at

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