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Press Release Rutherford Titan and Noblegen

Rutherford & Titan Partners with Noblegen as Exclusive North American Distributor

HOUSTON, TX, May 21, 2021 – Rutherford & Titan, a leader in the cryogenic and gas-generation market, is now the exclusive North American distributor of Noblegen products. Noblegen, a UK-based company, designs and manufactures a wide range of laboratory gas, industrial gas and cryogenic liquid-nitrogen generators.

Noblegen’s gas and liquid-nitrogen (LN) generators are used across numerous industries and applications, including: medical/health, laboratory, manufacturing, power generation, and metal fabrication, among others. The company’s liquid nitrogen generators, for example, are used to create liquid nitrogen in order to purge natural gas lines, provide cryotherapy services, and perform gas chromatography-mass spectrometry—a common lab application. Noblegen’s on-site oxygen gas generators are used to deliver oxygen to patients around the world, among other applications.

Today, Rutherford & Titan provides a variety of innovative products and services to customers in medical, health, laboratory, manufacturing and other industries. Now, with its strategic partnership with Noblegen, Rutherford & Titan will leverage its market expertise and vast network of partners, professionals and customers to distribute Noblegen products across North America.

“This new partnership combines our strengths,” says Amir Amirsadeghi, CEO of Rutherford & Titan.

“We are experts in the North American technology market space—we know the products that our customers are demanding and the quality they expect. Meanwhile, Noblegen has a 30-year legacy of creating some of the world’s most efficient and best-performing gas and cryogenic generators. We’re excited to distribute their products.”


About Rutherford & Titan

North America’s leader in cryogenic and gas-generation solutions, Rutherford & Titan leverages partnerships with leading innovators like Noblegen, as well as our team’s deep expertise, to deliver cutting-edge products and services to a growing network of clients. Learn more at

About Noblegen

Leveraging 30 years of history, knowledge and experience, Noblegen is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of specialized gas and cryogenic generator solutions. The UK-based company produces a wide range of high-performance products, including nitrogen gas generators, liquid-nitrogen generators, lab-grade hydrogen generators, medical oxygen generators, gas purifiers, air compressors, custom skid-based systems, and more. Learn more at

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