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Biohacking & Wellness

Call it what you like – wellness, health, self-care, alternative medicine, beauty or biohacking –there is a growing global industry centered on improving one’s body and mind, often with the aid of innovative technologies and therapies. And many of the most popular technologies in this industry – from cryotherapy chambers to a variety of dermatological devices – rely on nitrogen gas.

Unfortunately, purchasing nitrogen from a supplier can be prohibitively expensive, which is why many practices are now producing their own reliable supply on-site with nitrogen generators.

At Rutherford & Titan, our expert team helps you integrate premium nitrogen generators into your practice, accounting for your unique workflow and floorplan. By taking control of your nitrogen supply, you can significantly reduce overhead costs, guarantee you always have the nitrogen you need, and have peace of mind knowing that you are producing industry-grade nitrogen with up to 99.999% purity.

Common Applications

  • Localized Cryotherapy
  • Whole-Body Cryotherapy
  • Cryosurgery
  • Cleaning & Powering Medical Tools

When you work with our team to identify the right nitrogen generation solution for your business, you’re getting much more than ‘just’ a great product. Our nationwide network of experienced technicians handles everything: from installation and industrial gas piping to ongoing maintenance and support.  

Contact us for a free consultation and learn how you can take control of your nitrogen supply!