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Crogenic Consultation

From cryotherapy to industrial manufacturing and beyond, cryogenics is a world of opportunity. But it’s full of unexpected challenges and complex decisions. Whether you’re just getting started or have reached a pivotal point in your journey, our team of specialized consultants are here to help. We know the ins and outs of the cryogenic business, and we leverage decades of experience and industry connections to help you achieve lasting success.

Key Services

  • Start-Up Consultation: Our cryo consultants help you strategize every aspect of your business, from floor plan and workflow to sourcing supplies. The decisions you make now will shape the future of your business. We help you make smart, informed choices, so you can feel confident moving forward.
  • Key Decisions: Before you invest in an expensive machine, talk to one of our unbiased consultants. They take a look at a range of factors (budget, available space, customer needs, etc.) and help you determine the right product for your business. 
  • Building Your Network: We help you source parts and broker deals with nitrogen suppliers, storage providers and other third-party vendors.  
  • Business Journey: Moving locations? Expanding your business? Looking to improve your efficiency? Wherever you are on your journey, our consultants are here to listen and provide valuable guidance.

Call us at (855) 550-0508 for more information.