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Whether you’re bringing a new cryogenic machine into your current space, moving a machine to a new location or placing a device in storage, we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly. Our experienced technicians have successfully installed and de-installed hundreds of machines. You can trust us to handle all the details while protecting your investment.

Key Services

  • Installation: As soon as your machine is off the truck, our technicians are on site for quick installation. 
  • Unit Move: Moving locations? For local moves within 50 miles, we deinstall your machine, then carefully pack, load and drive it to the next location, where we unload and reinstall it. For non-local moves (50+ miles), we uninstall the machine, pack it, crate it, and schedule a logistics pickup based on the arrival date. As soon as your machine arrives at the new location, our team is on site to reinstall it.   
  • De-installation: Whether you’re closing a location or placing your equipment in long-term storage, we help you de-install your machine and transport it.

Call us at (855) 550-0508 for more information.