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Laboratories & Clinics

Reduce costs & increase efficiency with in-house nitrogen generators.

From IVF clinics to research organizations, laboratories and clinics everywhere depend on nitrogen gas as an essential material for their work. LN is used in a variety of lab applications, from gas chromatography-mass spectrometry – which allows us to identify different substances within a sample – to creating positive pressure within a dry box (or ‘glove box’), which helps preserve and protect samples.

At Rutherford & Titan, we know how much your laboratory or clinic depends on nitrogen. That’s why we help you integrate premium nitrogen generators into your lab setting, accounting for your unique workflow and floorplan.

By taking control of your nitrogen supply, you can significantly reduce overhead costs, guarantee you always have the nitrogen you need, and have peace of mind knowing that you are producing lab-grade nitrogen with up to 99.999% purity.

Common Applications

  • Dry Boxes (or Glove Boxes)
  • Sample Evaporators
  • NMR Spectroscopy
  • Fume Hoods
  • LC-MS

When you work with our team to identify the right nitrogen generation solution for your business, you’re getting much more than ‘just’ a great product. Our nationwide network of experienced technicians handles everything: from installation and industrial gas piping to ongoing maintenance and support.  

Contact us for a free consultation and learn how you can take control of your nitrogen supply!