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The CryoGauge 242 provides reliable and accurate determination of liquid levels for most non-conducting fluids including liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Designed for use in pressurized cryogenic vessels, the gauge can be used as a stand-alone device or linked to other devices including a telemetry module to provide remote monitoring of liquid levels. In the case that a capacitance probe can't be fitted, a differential pressure gauge can be used, achieving the same functionality.

  • High impact resistant polycarbonate housing and stainless steel probe that can be sited externally (IP67).
  • Probe easily fitted into pressure vessels, tested to 1000 PSI. 
  • Optional vessel fittings available to suit most vessels types. 
  • Powered by internal battery with display showing level inside vessel at all times, no need to press a button to read level. 
  • Easy to read digital display with lightweight compact gauge head attached to stainless steel probe. Remote panel mounted gauge head for larger vessels. 
  • Option for low level alarm facility and remote display (CryoGauge 242 Repeater) allowing for monitoring at up to 100m from the vessel on site. 
  • Option for telemetry allows completely flexible monitoring away from site & internet level monitoring. SIM card owned and controlled by user. Facility to dial in by the users and receive text message of vessel liquid levels & alarms.