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Cryomed - Cryofan CF-05

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Cryofan CF-05 is an advanced, next-generation local cryotherapy device that uses a stream of supercooled nitrogen vapor to quickly and painlessly reduce the temperature of human skin and underlying tissues. Focused application of cold produces a variety of positive effects and is widely used in cosmetology, dermatology, traumatology, and sports medicine. Cryofan CF-05 is the successor to the highly popular CF-04 model featuring a number of new, innovative features, better usability, and improved safety.

Product Highlights

  • Portability (wheels for ease of transportation)
  • Futuristic, ergonomic, and user-friendly design
  • Touch sensitive screen for easy control
  • Average duration of a cryogenic procedure: 3-5 minutes
  • Procedure timer
  • Procedure counter
  • Multi-layer safety system with a 24V power supply
  • Adjustment of the nitrogen flow temperature
  • Low nitrogen consumption that does not exceed 0.075 l/min (the lowest on the market for similar devices)
  • Quick start-up – it takes less than 4 minutes to get the device up and running
  • The patient’s skin never comes in contact with liquid nitrogen
  • Effective spot treatment