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Cryomed - One

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Cryomed One is a compact device for cryochamber therapy. It is the newest generation of equipment, using a cold air system for fast and less painful treatments and beauty. Simple, easy and quick to install and use. Cryomed One cools clients to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. The One model has its CE and ISO certificates and meets the most advanced quality and safety standards. 

Product Highlights

  • Small size and weight
  • Easy installation due to all-in-one unit
  • Easy to move with transportation wheels
  • 7“ inch TECO touch screen
  • Remote controlling the device by a desktop, tablet or smartphone (5GHz)
  • Wi-Fi or LAN Connectivity – easy updating of software and optimizing all the features
  • Active reporting system – current figures of the device sent directly into an email
  • Own Start-Up screen logo
  • Innovative technology of nitrogen dosing with fully automatic treatment temperature leveling
  • RGB LED lighting zone under the cabin
  • High-quality of industrial components and controllers are the guarantee of long-term lifetime of Cryomed One
  • Customizable treatment settings according to customer requirements
  • Suitable to install into a vehicle as a mobile unit
  • Low nitrogen consumption

Customization Options

Custom color variations and custom logos available. Choose from 20+ exterior colors and 10+ interior colors. Call us for a complimentary quote on these customizations at (855) 550-0508.