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CryoXcel - Cryo Sauna

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Engineered to help you provide a safe and comfortable cryo experience for your customers. Cryoxcel’s next generation cool-air design features unique release valves and our patent pending CryoFlow air circulators that insure even and safe distribution across the entire body. To enhance safety, the CryoFlow system incorporates several air flow dividers that prevent contact with liquid Nitrogen during the thermal exchange process. CryoXcel systems are proudly made in the USA.

Product Highlights

  • Unique release valves and patent-pending CryoFlow air circulators to ensure even and safe distribution.
  • Dynamic and adjustable range for exact temperature control.
  • Easily moved by one person through standard-sized doorways.
  • Multiple advanced features for liquid nitrogen efficiency - up to 20% more efficient than comparable saunas.