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GasPod CO2 - Personal Carbon Dioxide Monitor

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A personal, compact and extremely robust personal carbon dioxide monitor, with long life sensor and large clear LCD display, for continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide concentrations in surrounding air. GasPod CO2 does not require recharging and operates for two years before the batteries need re-charging.

Product Highlights

  • Confidence heartbeat & service indication on LCD display with large clear indication for maximum user visibility.
  • Simple automated push button calibration in fresh air.
  • GasPod displays ‘% concentration to indicate CO2 level.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Rugged highly visible enclosure and durable clip  to allow the user to attach GasPod securely to garments.
  • Loud audible alarm.
  • No requirement for charging. Two year battery pack which cannot be switched off protecting the user at all times.
  • Long life IR sensor (Over 5 years).
  • Service reminder indication.