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Mecotec - Cryo:one

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The cryo:one by MECOTEC is a fully electric, single-chamber system offering a safe, full-body cryotherapy experience. Engineered for low operating costs and high reliability, the system features a uniquely compact design, making it a good fit for space-conscious businesses. A user-friendly mobile app allows operators to control the chamber via smartphone or tablet.

Product Highlights

  • Fully electric for safety & ease-of-use (no nitrogen)
  • Ultra-compact design (47.2in x 47.2in x 98.4in)
  • Single-chamber system
  • Full-body therapy
  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability
  • Quick installation
  • Sleek exterior with customizable appearance
  • 1 client/session
  • Capable of reaching -121F
  • Convenient control with mobile app on smartphone/tablet