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One O2 LL - Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

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Low cost, battery powered Oxygen Deficiency Monitor  providing continuous monitoring of concentrations in the surrounding air and both visual and audible alarms when these fall outside pre-set levels.

The One O2 includes a long life three year oxygen sensor.  Continuous monitoring is achieved with a battery powered system which eliminates the need for wiring to mains.

The One O2 may be used as a standalone device with its own audible and visual alarms or linked to other repeater modules to mimic the condition of the monitor.  Further modules can be easily added at a later stage to expand the scope of the system.


The One O2 monitor is ideal for single room set ups providing reliable operation with minimal installation by simply screwing to the wall. The concentration of oxygen in the surrounding air is continuously monitored and provides two alarm states: Alarm and Critical Alarm. In the event that oxygen levels fall outside of these alarm states, the system provides visual and audible alarms to ensure the safety of personnel.

Key Features

  • No charging necessary. Three year sensor and battery pack ensuring constant monitoring which cannot be switched off.
  • Two independent alarm levels. Alarm and Critical Alarm
  • Internal audible alarm is 85dBA at 30cm
  • Confidence flash on monitor confirms operational status of system
  • Battery powered providing continuous operation in the event of a power failure
  • Simple and secure connection to repeater modules(optional) using a pre-wired plug in connector
  • Modular system which allows user to completely design and customize the system to suit their exact requirements