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One2One CO2 - Monitor and Remote Alarm Unit

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Low cost and simple two part system consisting of a monitor and a remote LCD display alarm unit, the monitor is supplied with a plug in the wall type power supply and the repeater is battery powered so even in the event that a backup power is not fitted, the repeater will remain in alarm for the duration of any mains failure alerting persons entering the monitored room that the monitoring system is not working. We do recommend a backup power supply (QM12VBAT) to offer continuous operation in the event of a power fail. Ease of installation provides immediate maximum protection as both units are equipped with visual and audible alarms.

The system is supplied as standard with a 10m interconnecting lead. Leads up to 100m can be supplied upon request.


The One2One system is ideal for single room set-ups providing reliable operation with minimal installation by simply screwing to the wall. The concentration of the carbon dioxide in the surrounding air is continuously monitored and both units provide two alarm states: Alarm and Critical Alarm. In the event of increasing concentration levels of carbon dioxide, the system provides visual and audible alarms to ensure the safety of respective personnel. 

Product Highlights

  • Continuous Carbon dioxide monitoring 
  • Two independent alarm levels: Alarm and Critical Alarm.
  • Loud audible alarm at 85dbA.
  • Large, clear LCD display of remote alarm unit provides a digital readout of carbon dioxide concentration at all times.
  • Easy installation to a flat surface at an appropriate sensing point by screwing to the wall and immediate plug-and-play operation with easy fitting connectors.
  • User replaceable battery pack on repeater (2 year unit).