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QLA 100 Liquid Nitrogen Low Level Alarm

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The QLA 100 Liquid Nitrogen Low Level Alarm provides automatic and continuous monitoring of liquid nitrogen levels with visual and audible low level alarms. There is also an option for a built-in timer module which, allows a 0-30 minute delay in the remote alarm to avoid nuisance alarms.

  • Continuously monitors levels of liquid nitrogen. 
  • Adjustable sensor position. 
  • Built in visual and audible warnings if level becomes "Low." "High" level option available on our website. 
  • Connection for remote alarm (dry contact) to in house monitoring systems, auto dial units. The QLA100T option provides a user-defined time delay on the alarm output. 
  • Easy to fit and install. 
  • Compact and lightweight. 
  • Reliable and maintenance free. 
  • Independent warning of sensor damage. 
  • Stand alone or multiple vessel monitoring system (QLA100L) 
  • Optional sensor mounting kit. 
  • Sensor occupies negligible space in vessels, dewars and cold traps. 
  • The sensible precaution for all valuable refrigerated samples and all processes where liquid nitrogen must not run out.