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Cryogenic Machine Service Pricing

Original price $500.00 - Original price $1,100.00
Original price
$500.00 - $1,100.00
Current price $500.00
Cryogenic Support Options: Day Rate Support

Protect Your Investment. Minimize Downtime. Achieve Peace of Mind.
Your business and your customers depend on your cryogenic machines, and our team of cryogenic technicians are here to protect your investment and keep things running smoothly... even when the ice starts to crack (so to speak). We assist with basic wear & tear, regular maintenance, replacement parts, and unforeseeable events-helping you solve issues quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on running your business and keeping your N2 & LN2 Gas Generators functional. 



Our direct support customers receive on-site technical support. With an emphasis on one-time repairs and general maintenance performed by our team of  our cryogenic specialists.

Cost is per day, does not include the cost of Travel Expenses** Subject to additional costs or visits needed based on the analysis of the issue, parts availability, and support from the manufacturer.

Our service plan members receive remote and direct support from our cryogenic specialists, with special discounts on replacement parts.

Cost shown is for one month of service. Upon checkout, you will be on-boarded into our monthly service plan subscription. 12-month commitment required. Cost does not include software updates. If a technician is required for Direct Support, customer is subject to travel expenses**.

**Travel expenses based on geographical location see our Travel Zones pricing sheet.